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Funding Opportunities

Connecting faculty and research initiatives to funding opportunities is a key goal for the Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR) team.  Review the links below for upcoming deadlines and a funding list for early career faculty. Please reach out to us for assistance with proposal development, consultation in developing a foundation strategy, or with any questions.

Upcoming Foundation Deadlines

Each month the CFR team will curate a list of upcoming deadlines for funding opportunities from private corporations and foundations. Please note that some opportunities are limited submissions and therefore hold additional guidelines with internal deadlines, noted where known.  


Young Investigator Funding Opportunities

The Young Investigator Program was developed by UC San Diego’s office of Corporate and Foundation Relations and various campus partners to fill a vital need: to connect research faculty at the start of their UC San Diego careers with funding entities who are interested in a particular field of study, and willing to seed and support career development and innovation.

The program strives to ensure our faculty members have the tools, partners and resources needed to immediately secure private support for their work. Explore the funding opportunities found here, and reach out if you would find benefit in our expertise.


Big Idea Funding Opportunities

What is a big idea? Most big ideas fall in the $10 – $10 million range, and seek to support social, systemic or transformative change. The challenge to universities is to push beyond the lab and translate research to global impact in just a few years by scaling application or through on-the-ground efforts with existing community partners. CFR actively meets with faculty and their teams to discuss the readiness of their big ideas and to help position them for the fierce competition that surrounds the funding programs.

Postdoctoral Funding Opportunities

The postdoctoral opportunities listed are provided as a service to the UC San Diego academic community.  They will be reviewed and updated annually. We will change outdated links or approximate deadlines at that time or when a correction notice is provided to us at

Faculty Awards

The award opportunities listed are provided as a service to the UC San Diego academic community.  Please reach out to us at for guidance on how to submit a nomination.