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Working with Foundation and Research Relations


Working with the Foundation and Research Relations side of the CFR team is a partnership focused on building strong, solid and long-lasting relationships between UC San Diego investigators and the philanthropic organizations that share your vision for your field of study.

Our expertise:

  • Relationships are the basis for our success. We serve to connect the foundation funding communities with UC San Diego to build synergies and long-term partnerships. We hold strong relationships with UC San Diego’s top foundation partners and steward these relationships on behalf of the entire University community.

  • We serve as Content Ambassadors. Through our knowledge of faculty research projects and institutional priorities, we are able to advocate on behalf of the University when engaging with foundation program officers and leaders.

  • Strategic Direction is provided by the CFR team to ensure foundation engagement and proposals are crafted with the greatest opportunities for success.

  • We track and maintain the Pulse of the philanthropic organization landscape. We guide UC San Diego through our expertise of the current trends, conversations and evolution of foundation funding. We provide guidance on potential sources of funding and how to initiate and grow conversations toward collaboration.

  • We welcome the opportunity to Advise on written proposals, providing edits and guidance based on our repeated experience in articulating impact and securing grants from foundations.

Corporate and Foundation Relations is happy to consult to understand the type of support you need. You can reach out to us at or head to our Contact page to find the right person.


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