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Strategies & Resources for Success

The following prompts will guide you through concepts to consider in preparation of a successful foundation proposal. These represent some of the aspects we contemplate when developing funding strategies for faculty.


Defining and refining your concept

What impact will your proposed work have on your field, academia, the community, the world?

How have you bridged conversations outside your discipline to ensure a diverse and holistic approach?

Is your proposed concept the conventional next step or a high-risk endeavor?


Learn about the foundations

The foundation funding community has been evolving over recent years. Finding the right match of a foundation to your work is key to a successful collaboration. We can help ensure the right match –

Does this foundation fund traditionally, or are they interested in experimenting with big bets?

Is this foundation interested in funding specific faculty research or consortia working to solve a global challenge?

Do you already have a connection at a foundation that can support your proposal development?


Why you, why us, why now?

Why are you and UC San Diego the right place to lead this effort, and why is this the right time to launch?


Budget considerations

How much funding is needed to complete this work?

We can help advise on your concept and strategize next steps. Please reach out to us.


Guidance to securing leadership endorsement

Click the headings below to open a dropdown list with tips and guidance:

Tips for Securing Academic Leadership Endorsement

     - Notify your Dean or other appropriate leadership that you have been nominated for a funding opportunity or are pursuing one where their endorsement is either required or desired.

     - Share the work that will be proposed in the application or proposal.

     - Depending on your Chair, Dean or other leader, consider drafting (or offering to draft) the letter for their review and consideration.

     - Note the required timeline of at least 1 week prior to the proposal deadline.

Letters of Support

     - Once you have been nominated for an opportunity or have decided to pursue one, reach out to your top, appropriate colleagues for an endorsement.

     - Share the guidelines from the application or proposal process that they should know or must adhere to, including the required process for submitting their letter.

     - Offer content or bullets to help focus their letter.

     - Note the required timeline of at least 1 week prior to the proposal deadline.

Leadership Signatures

Foundation Relations can help facilitate getting signatures for applications, confirmation of nominations, or other letters that will support your submittal. Please note the following insights to help make this a fluid process in support of your application or proposal.

 - All submissions must be accompanied by a Chancellor's Clearance cover sheet. Please reach out to us at to obtain a copy, along with further guidance about the routing process.

     - If possible, a timeline of at least two weeks is ideal to allow the documents time to be routed among leadership.

Helpful Links

Below are links to commonly requested supplemental materials for proposals seeking private funding:

Institutional Information, Codes, Audit Reports & Tax Documentation
OCGA Forms
Learn more about Gifts vs. Grants