Resources for Young Investigators

Resources For Young Investigators

To catalyze a truly collaborative environment, the following resources have been gathered to connect you with colleagues, mentors and potential partners, including the CFR team! We believe that when your strengths as a researcher and teacher come together with our strengths as networkers and fund raisers, we’ll not only accomplish research and education goals at a faster pace, but also shape scientific leadership for our region and nation.


If you would like to be connected to a faculty mentor focused on funding, or if you would like to serve as a faculty mentor, please contact the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations.

Past Recipients

Past recipients of specific awards may offer insights to the application process, tips for interacting with the funder, ideas for fundable projects, or wisdom gathered through their experiences. We are happy to connect you to these colleagues at any time.

  • Hellman Fellows
  • Packard Fellows
  • Beckman Young Investigators
  • The Kinship Foundation: Searle Scholars Program
  • The Hartwell Foundation Individual Biomedical Research Program
  • Pew Scholars Program in the Biomedical Sciences

Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR)

Increasing private support to the university from private foundations and corporations is the charge of CFR, in partnership with faculty across campus. The office identifies funding opportunities and works closely with faculty members to create optimal strategies to build partnerships with the funding community. CFR maintains a subscription to the Foundation Directory Online to support faculty funding strategies with current research and data. CFR also serves as the main point of contact for several of our funding partners. We are happy to create a personal funding roadmap for all faculty across campus. Main phone - 858-822-6602 Learn More

Office of Research Affairs (ORA)

The ORA maintains a website of limited-submission funding opportunities for which review is coordinated by ORA. The ORA administers the UC San Diego Funding List, a by-subscription e-mail list through which announcements of limited-submission funding opportunities and selected open-call funding opportunities are distributed. Staff maintains a campus subscription to COS Pivot through which all at UC San Diego can conduct targeted, field-specific searches for public and private research funding opportunities. Learn More

Research Proposal Development Service (RPDS)

This unit within ORA provides full-scale assistance for selected large, interdisciplinary proposals. For all engaged in proposal development, RPDS provides proposal preparation guidance and example text that can be adapted for use in proposals. Learn More

Health Sciences Limited Submissions

Staff manages a listserv to announce limited submissions specific to the health sciences, and manages the internal review process. Special announcements about funding opportunities are sent via the listserv as they arise, and a compilation of current opportunities to date is announced on the listserv during the first week of each month. Learn More

UC San Diego Research Intelligence Portal

This resource developed by the UC San Diego Division of the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2) includes profiles of UC San Diego faculty and researchers. Can be used to identify new federal funding opportunities and form research teams. Learn More

Office of Contracts and Grants Administration (OCGA)

The primary mission of OCGA is to provide customer-focused expertise and professional guidance, while efficiently and effectively advancing research, instruction and other sponsored activities within the UC San Diego research community. Through the website you can find staff assignments and documents, as well as campus and UCOP protocols. Learn More

Rady School of Management

The Rady School of Management is equipped to assist you with your needs pertaining to managing a lab, supervising lab teams, communication, strategic planning and fiscal management. Learn More

UC San Diego Development

The UC San Diego Office of Development is designated as the University's central agency to manage the relationships between UC San Diego and philanthropic donors. Our purpose is to increase the amount and relevance of private gifts to the UC San Diego community. The team works to promote university priorities as designated by the Chancellor, the Vice Chancellors, Deans and the faculty, offering services that ensure each contact with a university supporter is strategic and optimized. Learn More

The UC San Diego Foundation

The Foundation accepts, administers and invests private gifts in the form of cash and real or personal property and manages the funds either as endowments or as funds available for current expenditure. Here you will find financial documents, tax statements and other information regarding the UC San Diego Foundation operations. The Foundation’s net assets at June 30, 2012 were $586 million, of which the endowment comprised approximately $290 million. Learn More

University of California

Managed by the UC Office of the President, this site provides proposal background content by highlighting the depth and breadth of UC research across the system, and the value of research to Californians. Learn More


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