Strategies For Your Success

Working with the Foundation Relations team is an ongoing process that is focused on building strong, solid and long-term relationships between UC San Diego investigators and the entities that share your vision for your field of study. If you are a new/er faculty member at UCSD, please see the Young Investigators tab as it is beneficial to begin working together early in a faculty career to optimize private funding potential and the sustainability of research and projects.

Following are several strategies that, together, we can maximize support for your research from corporations and foundations:

  • Collaborate with the FR team to discuss projects that may align with the funding interests of corporations and/or foundations;
  • Meet program officers of likely funding agencies (connections can be made through FR contacts, as well as through attendance at professional conferences);
  • Volunteer to serve on review panels;
  • Stay in touch with program officers and foundation board members beyond the life of the grant, keeping them updated of your work and progress;
  • Network with potential collaborators, and learn who is funding their work;
  • In tandem with your applications for agency funding, apply for funding opportunities from private foundations and corporations; and
  • Partner with the FR team to implement ‘thank you’ efforts for existing partnerships and past philanthropic support.

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